Lisbon at night

Magnificent view of the city by night. Sailing at night is extraordinary... the photos really show what you feel and see. You can do the same trip by motor boat (one hour trip) for 125€ with champagne and 2 glass fluts. Sensation of freedom and tranquillity guarantied. Enjoy Lisbon

Price: 150€

Duration: 2 h

Max. Persons: 12

Min. Persons: 2


passeio_veleiro_2008-05-26 108.jpg
passeio_veleiro_2008-05-26 110.jpg
passeio_veleiro_2008-05-26 120.jpg
passeio_veleiro_2008-05-26 130.jpg
passeio_veleiro_2008-05-26 135.jpg
passeio_veleiro_2008-05-26 141.jpg
passeio_veleiro_2008-05-26 163.jpg
passeio_veleiro_2008-05-26 171.jpg
passeio_veleiro_2008-05-26 174.jpg
passeio_veleiro_2008-05-26 183.jpg
passeio_veleiro_2008-05-26 192.jpg
passeio_veleiro_2008-05-26 204.jpg
passeio_veleiro_2008-05-26 237.jpg
passeio_veleiro_2008-05-26 244.jpg
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VAT not included.
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